University Heights

Police Department

1004 Melrose Avenue

University Heights, IA  52246

Phone/Fax: (319) 887-6800

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Frequently Asked Questions


What authority do officers of the department have?  All full-time, part-time, and reserve officers have the authority to enforce the law anywhere within the state, as do all peace officers from other agencies.  Officers also have the authority to enforce the ordinances of the city and frequently cooperate with other local agencies on joint enforcement projects.

How do I pay a ticket?  All non-parking violations are handled through the Johnson County Clerk of Court, which is located in the Johnson County Courthouse at 417 South Clinton Street, Iowa City, IA 52240.  Payments can be made to them in person or mailed to the Traffic Violations Office and should include a copy of the citation.  Parking tickets can be dropped in the mailbox in front of city hall at 1004 Melrose Avenue, or mailed to the City Clerk at the same address.

How do I contest a ticket?  The citation should have a court date and time written near the bottom.  Defendants wishing to contest a citation should appear at the Johnson County Courthouse, 417 South Clinton Street, Iowa City at the listed date and time.  Parking violations should be contested to the City Clerk in writing within thirty days of issuance.  Parking violations not contested within thirty days of issuance may not be contested.

Who do I contact to file a complaint or a compliment about an officer?  Please contact the Chief of Police for more information.

Does the department enforce the speed limits?  Yes. Officers effectively enforce the speed limits throughout the city in order to make every street safe for the children, pedestrians and elderly in our community. 

What kind of equipment is used to enforce the speed limits?  The department uses Doppler radar units. Both marked patrol cars use Ka Band radar devices manufactured by MPH Industries with front and rear antennas and a handheld radar is also available to officers.  All radar devices are tested after every traffic stop. 

How many police vehicles does the department have? The department operates two marked patrol cars.  Unit 1 is a 2009 Ford Police Interceptor and Unit 2 is a 2010 Ford Police Interceptor.

What other equipment does the department own?  Please visit the Technology page on this website for more information on other department equipment.


Who dispatches for the department?  Dispatch and 911 service is provided by the Johnson County Joint Emergency Communications Center.  Their phone number is (319) 356-6800. 

In the event of a major crime, how are investigations handled?  The department handles the majority of its own investigations and provides training to its officers in investigative techniques.  The state Division of Criminal Investigation and other area agencies may be contacted in the event of a major crime.

Who provides animal control services?  There is no formal provision for animal control, and the only animal control agency in Johnson County is run by the City of Iowa City. Abandoned animals can be taken to the Iowa City Animal Shelter. If you encounter a dangerous animal, contact the police by calling the dispatch center at (319) 356-6800 so that an officer can assess the situation. Due to health considerations, animals will not be transported in police vehicles. 

What kind of medical assistance do officers of the department provide?  All officers are trained in basic first aid skills and some officers have received advanced training.  All officers are also trained in CPR and the use of an automatic external defibrillator, which the department carries in both marked patrol cars.  A contract is in place with the Coralville Fire Department for fire and first responder services as well.

How can I find out if somebody is on the Sex Offender Registry?  Officers can provide limited information from the Sex Offender Registry to anybody who stops in to the police department, however more detailed and up-to-date information may be available on the Iowa Sex Offender Registry Website, and it is recommended that citizens check there for the most current information.

How do I go about hiring off-duty officers for security?  Officers may be available for off-duty security employment anywhere in Johnson County.  Please contact the Chief of Police for more information.


My car has been towed, how do I retrieve it?  Vehicles may be impounded by the department for a variety of reasons.  These vehicles are usually towed to Big 10 Towing, 3309 Highway 1 SW, Iowa City.  Before a vehicle is released, all towing fees must be paid to the towing company and any holds on on the vehicle (such as for unpaid parking tickets or proof of insurance) must be removed by an officer.  If there is a hold on your vehicle, you must speak with an officer first and have the hold removed.  Vehicles not released from impound in a timely fashion are subject to sale at auction.

How much are parking fines?  Most violations carry a $10 fine, however there are some exceptions.  Handicapped parking violations are $100 and Parking on the Grass violations are $25 for the first offense, $50 for the second offense, and $100 for the third offense.  On University of Iowa home football game days (defined as 0000 hours to 2359 hours on the actual calendar day of the game) all $10 violations increase to $25.  Fines that are unpaid within thirty days of issuance are subject to increases.  Unpaid parking tickets may be grounds for the state to refuse to renew your vehicle registration.

Why can one park on lawns during home football games but not at any other time?  Historically, football fans have been parking on lawns, with the consent of the property owner,  while they attend games. Due to complaints from homeowners, an ordinance was enacted that prohibits parking on the lawn at any other time. The fine for violation of this ordinance is $25 for the first offense, $50 for the second offense and $100 for the third and subsequent offenses.

If your question does not appear on this list, please contact us.



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